HCPS provides a completely integrated computer software system for the fuel distribution industry.


This software is installed and set-up to meet the needs of your company.  Whether you have transport trucks, tank wagons or c-stores, we can help you cost-effectively run your system.

Motor Fuel

The most advanced portion of the HCPS software is the motor fuel bill of lading entry.  With a single entry, information is collected to report to the state, create the payable, create the invoice, if necessary, adjust inventory, and collect information for payroll, if necessary.

You can preset all of you information for your suppliers and customers, so that when a bill of lading is entered, your payables and invoices are correct.  This prevents invoices with incorrect prices or taxes from being sent to the customer.  It also allow you to make sure that your suppliers are charging the correct prices and taxes.



There is a complete inventory system included in the software.  Whether

you need to print a pricebook for your customer, track the sales of various items, or complete a monthly inventory, it can be track through the system.

This system is integrated with motor fuel and payables.  Once a bill of lading or payable is entered, that information is recorded in inventory.

You will be able to view your inventory with every transaction listed. Whether it comes from sales, payables, motor fuel or inventory adjustments, all transactions will be shown.


Sales and Customer Reports

All of your various sales tickets can be entered and tracked through our sales portion of the system.  Some of your sales tickets may be entered through the bill of lading in the motor fuel section of the system. However, the rest of the invoices will be entered through this part of the program.

There is contract tracking as part of the system also.  Whether you have propane or fuel contracts, these can be tracked throughout the system.

Once all of the tickets are entered, the information can be viewed either individually on a customers account, or combined through the many

available reports.


Accounts Payable

The software includes a complete accounts payable and cash disbursement system.  It is also integrated with other parts of the system.

One of the integrated parts include the motor fuel.  Once a bill of lading is put into the motor fuel part of the system, the payable is automatically created in payables.  Once you receive confirmation of the electronic draft of the payable, you simply put that information into the system, and your payables are complete.

The payable system can be run as a fully automatic feature in which once the payables are entered, they are tracked through the system and you are able to print a check when they are due.  However, the system can also be used to simply enter manual checks that may have been written.



A complete payroll system is available in the system.  Whether you write manual checks, print paper checks, or create electronic bank drafts, our system can operate in the manner that your company functions.

We can integrate with the bill of ladings to determine transport driver pay.  We also can pull in payroll data from your point of sale at the c-store or you can use the time clock function within the system.

Once the payroll is completed, you will have the information available to pay your taxes.  Additional reports will have information for your monthly and quarterly tax reports.


C-store Tracking

HCPS software can provide a complete back office solution to your c-store needs.  We can integrate into your current point of sale and bring that data automatically back to the office.  We can also control your price book.

The software does not need to be electronically integrated with your c-store.  We can simply take the checkout sheets and enter those into the system as another alternative.

Whether the data gets into the system electronically or manually, once the data is entered, you will have many reports to check you sales.   Inventory is tracked as part of these daily sales and pay outs.  House charges can also be entered through the system.

The information from the c-store can be used to generate the many reports you need.  Whether you need daily sales tracking or your sales tax report, all of the information is ready for you.


General Ledger

This software include a complete general ledger.  This enables you to print a profit and loss statement and balance sheet right from the software.

HCPS provides several ways to print a profit and loss statement, along with a budget control statement and cash flow statement.  Because the quantity is also recorded on the sales of fuel, we can also provide you gross margin reports in cents per gallon.